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Our people in Africa are adapting to the new technology solutions very quickly. Their requirements are getting more advanced. The young people need 24/7 connection to their social media (You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, My Space etc). They use the internet for communicating with each other all over the world (Skype, Magic Talk etc). In the office, customers are considering cloud computing and other cost-saving applications. The service providers must provide fast reliable high quality personalized services.

Customers are acquiring more sophisticated devices to keep them connected at all times (lately smart phones are the norm). These powerful devices can only work on well-planned robust network infrastructure Services have evolved from single play (cellphone/voice) to double play (voice & internet) to triple play (voice, internet(broadband), television) to quad play (phone, internet (broadband), television, mobile service). Customers prefer to pay for all these services on one single-bill.

New business models are required in the industry for service providers, vendors, suppliers in order to continue to meet customer needs in a cost-effective framework. New initiatives like outsourcing, network sharing, managed services are becoming common words for operators if they have to offer more efficient, intelligent, flexible, automated, resilient, fast, secure, private and latent network infrastructure. TSA consultants and experts are available to assist clients deal with these issues.

March, 2015 - Uganda

The National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) awarded a multi-year frame contract for software consulting services to Technology Solutions Africa Limited Learn more

August, 2013 - United States

TSAfrica Partners with Astron Consulting LLC
Astron Consulting LLC, a US private software consulting firm, has appointed TSAfrica Learn more

July, 2013 - United States

TSAfrica will be introducing JMA
TSAfrica will be introducing JMA and its premium quality wireless infrastructure Learn more

March, 2013 - China

IPTV company in Beijing
ITV Media is looking to partner with wireless network operators Learn more


Global air traffic has historically doubled every 15 years and is therefore projected to reach 6 billion in 2030. There has been tremendous growth in the African aviation market as well, mirroring the continentís economic success.. An increase in wealth and demand for air travel has seen many airlines in Africa increase or renew their existing fleets. Such increased connectivity across the African continent and improved ease of travel will support and promote economic growth across the region.
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